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Matt Roach Photography and Guide is at Kruger National park Crocodile Bridge gate.19 hours ago
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Kruger National park Crocodile Bridge gate
Hiding close by
What an epic afternoon this was finding a lot of action out on the African Plains. Had another guide join us on another vehicle and took out a large group looking for what every we could find. I didn't rush to much so the other vehicle went out in front of us and we managed to find some Elephants and Buffalo along the way so shared some info and watched some enterations and off we went along our way. Not to long in and we received a call over the radio that the lionesses are still around a kill twenty minutes up the road and so off we went making head way to get there before they set off. On arrival we found the trees and ground covered in vultures and the remains of a skeleton left over hidden under the tree closely guarded by to fierce looking lions. After some time they both got up and stretched their legs and started to walk along the road, one walked off in the distance with a following of cars and we decided to follow the other one to see what she does. She walked into longer grass and started to call out and with in seconds three tiny little heads appeared and came running out to Mommy. Funny enough Mommy didn't even stop walking and forced the cubs to run through the long grass while she walked off in the distance, unfortunately our sighting was cut short by the park rangers blocking off the whole road so nobody could go past to see from the other side. Instead of making a scene we just turned around and went back to the other lioness which was drinking water from a puddle and didn't seem to have any worries at that moment in life. Another special moment spent working in Kruger Park and all while the sun was busy setting behind us...