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Matt Roach Photography and Guide is at Kruger National Park - Crocodile River.13 hours ago
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Kruger National Park - Crocodile River
I have been so looking forward to seeing a nice leopard but very picky and would prefer to see it during sun down but still loved this unexpected surprise. The guests had said they had seen four of the five and really would like to try and find leopard if it was possible. So we went off in the area I know is good for leopards but explained it was not easy to find them but would try our best, as we went along just as the sun went down the guest picked up the reflection of his eyes and we pulled over to observe this spectacular beast. The first photo my settings were all wrong but liked the old school effect it has to it and atleast see how beautiful he was, as I got all my settings right and was ready for a second photo he had got up and started moving off into a thicket. We stalked through the trees and could see his eyes but there were impala near buy and he did not want us there and we were getting hungry for dinner so moved off and left him in peace to hunt if he wanted to. About one kilo down the road we had a puncture again and this time with more guests and they asked me is it safe for all of them to get out the car, and before I could even try answer the lions started calling off in the distance and I swallowed my words. We quickly changed the Tyre and am very happy to say did not find those lions but had good food and good stories to share around the camp fire