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Matt Roach Photography and Guide is at Kruger National park Crocodile Bridge gate.1 day ago
Kruger National park Crocodile Bridge gate
A little tongue
A Giraffe was walking through the grocery store looking for some food and when asked if he needed any help he said don't worry I'm just browsing.
I love taking close ups of these beautiful creatures especially the variety of shades and color just on its snout. With its purplish black tongue long enough for it to pick its nose with it which can be quiet interesting seeing that kind of dexterity. Usually though I only am able to get profile shots but eventually this guy turned straight towards us for a beautiful photo and gave it some attitude at the same time. I explained to my guests that they are now an endangered species and in the same game drive saw about a hundred of them walking around and felt like I had eaten my own words so if you are looking for these creatures crocodile bridge is definitely not a bad place to find plenty full of them