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Matt Roach Photography and Guide is at Kruger National Park - Crocodile River.4 days ago
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Kruger National Park - Crocodile River
Hunger games
This was an incredible experiance even if it resulted in failure to accomplish the mission, it was late morning and I was just slowing things down taking some photos of zebra here and there with a cute baby playing around with the others when in the far distance I notice two cars parked on the road. Figured I would check it out and found this beautiful female stalking through the grass and around the bushes. I parked next to this bush on the road and watched her stalk towards us which was incredible to watch, such procision and determination and stopping every ten meters or so to evaluate the situation at hand. She turned and stalked through the grass straight towards me which I swooped cameras and used my smallest lense, I was watching her so intently through the camera lense as she walked through the grass and emerged along side the bush on the road. I unfortunately didn't realize how close she had got so when I put the camera down I actually got a bit of a fright to see her just two or so meters away from the car. She stalked around us and moved once again through the grass to which we moved onto a different road to follow the hunt which was difficult because when stalking you couldn't see her until her head popped up once again. And to my amazement that's when I spotted the other two lions on her right flank waiting patiently, she used the long line of cars to flank the zebras as the juvenile male got into position for an ambush. But the Lioness got to close and the wind turned at the last moments and all the zebra turned and ran for the hills, was unfortunate but still an amazing experiance all together