Plan your post quarantine travels with our list of helpful tips

Plan your post quarantine travels with our list of helpful tips

COVID-19 threw the tourism industry and tourists alike quite the curveball. Trips that were years in planning and only months away were abruptly cancelled or postponed, borders were closed and the South African tourism industries, one that employees millions, suddenly ground to a halt, just about overnight.

And while the country remains in a travel ban lockdown, with even the locals unable to enjoy the beauty of the county (and with good reason), we think it is probably the best time to start day dreaming about the travel adventures that will come after this.

When we are all stuck at home, planning your trip after this storm passes will become not only a great way to spend your time, but it will also be good for your mental health as it will take your mind off of the chaos that is seemingly engulfing us all at the moment.

Keep in mind that this is not a permanent situation. It will come to an end and when it does, it will help to have something to look forward to.

This is how you can plan your trip.

  1. Do some online window shopping

We are lucky to be living in an era where most of us have some form of access to the internet. Not only does the web keep us well informed about what is going on around us, but it is also perfect for providing a number of travel options that you can browse through and literally do some “window shopping”

Think about what kind of trip you’d like to experience, and then look at your options. South African safaris are always a fantastic place to start because our country is so diverse and filled with plenty to see, besides going on an authentic safari trip.

  1. Give your travels more thought

In the past, we took travel for granted and often took unnecessary trips to places that perhaps didn’t live up to expectations.

Now that you have the time to plan, it is the ideal opportunity to make sure that the destination you are looking at is truly capable of satisfying your wanderlust. You can now not only have a look at what is cheapest, or what is easily available, but really do your research on the holiday you are considering.

  1. Organise your logistics

There is nothing quite like learning how to take full control over the planning of all of the logistics involved with your trip. Yes, travel agents are a godsend when you are looking for a pain free trip planned in between your busy day, but this time presents you with the best opportunity to learn how to plan your own trip. This will allow you to travel on your own terms and book a meaningful adventure.

If you have been day dreaming about paying South Africa a visit once the borders open, Royal Safaris can help you create the safari trip of a lifetime. We are the nations only tour company with permission to enter the Kruger National Park after dark, and we offer our guests a few unique tour packages that other companies don’t.

A Guide for First Time Kruger Visitors

A Guide for First Time Kruger Visitors

A Guide for First Time Kruger Visitors

Those who are first time visitors to the Kruger National Park are truly in for one of the most life changing experiences. This park is the stuff of legends and it is often featured on the must-see places lists as well as being a bucket list adventure of note.

Planning your trip to the Kruger National Park will present you with a myriad of options. You can choose to book a safari with a touring company like Royal Safaris, or you can drive yourself. Both have their pros and cons, and both will have an effect on your budget. When you begin your planning, you should do so with a clear but flexible budget in mind and it is important that you make sure you have researched all of your available options, and come up with an idea of how you’d like to see this world famous park.

In our quick guide, we cover the basics about what you need to know while planning your trip to the Kruger Park for the very first time. Our tips are helpful for both self-drive safaris and guided ones.

Plan your time of year

Summer or winter? There are benefits to visiting at either time and it’s really a matter of preference. Many park guests find that autumn, winter and spring, which runs from April to October, are the best times to visit as the intense heat that characterises summer has not yet arrived. Summers in the park can be quite overwhelming as it can be rather uncomfortable for most.  During the summer months the vegetation in the park can be quite over grown, which makes it incredibly difficult to spot animals.

What would you like to see?

Planning your route can, in a way, help you plan what you see. Keeping in mind that the animals go where they please making it impossible to know exactly what you’ll see, there are some places in the park that are home to more of one kind of species.

At entrance gates and rest camps, you’ll find sightings boards marking what has been seen and where. You can then drive these roads in search of those animals, and if you are lucky, they will still be hanging around.

Planning your route is also important for other reasons. Certain areas of the park are known to be more prone to malaria infected mosquitoes while other regions are almost malaria free. The routes you choose can also take you to watering holes and rivers (where animals are known to frequent) and you have the opportunity to take a trip to historical landmarks and memorials.

Where will you stay?

If you are going on a Kruger Park safari with a company, your accommodation arrangements should be included as a part of the package, if you are spending more than a day in the park. Many safari companies choose Hazyview as the place to accommodate guests. If you are driving yourself and intend to stay in the park, there are over 12 rest camps to choose from while there is also private accommodation and luxury accommodation in the park.

Getting there

Whether you’re driving or flying, the park is only 3 hours away from Johannesburg, and depending on the entrance you’d like to use, the park is an hour’s drive from Nelspruit and Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport. The park is easily accessible and there are countless transfer companies offering a ride.

Royal Safaris takes the hassle out of organising a Kruger National Park safari and we offer a wider range of safari options than most of our associates. With us, you can enjoy a morning drive with breakfast or an evening drive with a memorable braai and sundowners. The choice of how you experience the park is up to you.

What You Need To Know Before Booking Your First Safari

What You Need To Know Before Booking Your First Safari

What You Need To Know Before Booking Your First Safari

When you find yourself visiting the North Eastern nook of South Africa, it is hard to not go on a safari. After all, the safari is exactly the reason why so many people come to our visually exquisite country every year.

The Kruger National Park is without a doubt South Africa’s star attraction. Home to hundreds, if not thousands, of species of birds, animals, insects and reptiles, the Kruger is a conservation oasis. Here, animals live out their lives in relative peace, away from man and in habitats that their species has survived in for generations.

Planning your trip to the Kruger National Park can mean finding a tour operator to take you on a magical safari, while also organising memorable adventures and quality downtime.

Whether it is a bush braai close to the Kruger, as the sun goes down, or an unforgettable evening drive through the park, catching sight of those elusive nocturnal creatures, Royal Safaris is the best operator you could tour with. We try to ensure that our guests experience the most relaxed and memorable times in the Kruger.

But planning your tour means you have to think carefully about what it is you want to do with your time in this wild part of the world. So, we’re going to give you a few helpful tips to keep close in mind when you are booking your safari.

  • Some things need to be done offline

The internet allows you to do most of your safari planning, from booking accommodation and tours to making sure you have the right flights leaving at the right time. Make sure that you do your planning and booking well before your holiday. You might come across some amazing tour operator’s website, only to find that it’s just a marketing site and you need to give them a phone call or drop them an email to make your booking. Small tour operators and access to more rural attractions can’t always be done on the internet.

  • Know the type of reserve you are visiting

South Africa has a number of public and private nature reserves, and there are many private reserves around the Kruger. You can expect to pay out more if you book into a private reserve and then there is the fact that you won’t be having a more rural, laid back experience. And there is nothing wrong with that. It all depends on what you expect from your time in Africa.

Private parks tend to be smaller and they will require prior booking. There is also the possibility that they won’t admit day visitors.

  • Your days are best started early

Regardless of where you choose to experience your South African safari, you will need to make sure that you head out early in the mornings if you hope to catch sight of animals. Most safari companies take guests into parks before the heat becomes overwhelming. The best time of the day to see animals is in the early morning and late afternoon.

  • Pack Accordingly

It never truly gets too cold in those parts of the country where you will have a safari. Mornings and evenings can get quite cool, but the days stay hot. Don’t over pack when you go on safari!

Book your unforgettable trip to South Africa and join Royal Safaris for a tour of the Kruger National Park. Check out our tour packages for more information.

Choosing Your First African Safari

Choosing Your First African Safari

Choosing Your First African Safari

Africa is big! And it is filled with amazing national parks, home to all kinds of animals and plenty of plant diversity. The sheer number of places to enjoy a safari is what makes choosing the right one for you a tougher task than you’d imagine.

The thing is, it is highly unlikely that you will get to see all of Africa. You won’t be able to do it all and so you need to make sure that you’ve done your research about the different countries and their safari destinations so that you can select the destination that will provide you with the most relaxed, and thrilling, experience.

South Africa is without a doubt one of the best safari destinations in the world. And of all the safari destinations you can choose from, the Kruger National Park is going to come out on top of your list of preferred destinations.

Narrowing down all of your options and deciding on the Kruger as the destination of choice can take time and planning, as there is a lot to consider. And the considerations have more to do than just the animals you will see.

Every safari company knows that the guests they take on safari have certain hopes regarding the animals they want to see. But these safari companies also know that guests can get bored when spending numerous days on safari, so they like to plan other activities or things to see. If you are looking to experience a trip that lasts longer than a single day or morning, you will need to consider what else your destination has on offer.

Royal Safaris provides guests with a rather different approach to experiencing the Kruger National Park and its wild surrounding areas. Our wildlife tours leave from the White River area as well as from the Marloth Park area, making it easier for guests to get to get to the best wildlife viewing destinations.

Important questions to ask when choosing your safari

  • How do you feel about being on the road? Some safari destinations will have you driving for hours on end, and not always on the best of roads. Not everyone is keen on driving around, instead, they want to get to the destination and relax, before heading back. Many Kruger and Marloth safaris offer transfers, along with guided safaris.
  • Do you want to combine your safari with another destination? Many African safari destinations offer only the wildlife experience, whereas South Africa is also a top destination for those wanting to sit on the beach. When visiting South Africa, you can be on a Kruger safari on one day and exploring a beach on the next.
  • Would you like to be closer to urban areas? South Africa has a number of bustling urban landscapes, with major cities close to the safari destinations. This helps to ensure that you are never too far from all of the conveniences of modern living so should you find yourself in need of something from the shops, you can always get to a place that has what you need.

The Royal Safaris Experience

Royal Safaris, located close to the Kruger National Park, is the only safari operator allowed to take guests into the Kruger for evening safaris. But we also have a number of other fantastic tour packages for you to choose from.

Our bush braais, champagne breakfasts and sundowner drives are just as exciting as our full day tours in the Kruger as well as our Panorama Tours. Each safari experience is affordable and each trip is sure to provide an unforgettable adventure.

Book one of our Kruger safari packages today, and explore the wilder side of Africa.

The Best Tips For Your First Time On A Safari

The Best Tips For Your First Time On A Safari

The Best Tips For Your First Time On A Safari

The Kruger National Park is without a doubt one of the best places to travel to, not just in South Africa, but in the world. A visit here is one that needs to be properly planned and entirely thought out. And that means doing your research in order to ensure that you have all of the best tips at your aid.

Whether you are looking forward to enjoying a morning safari with breakfast or an enviable evening drive and dinner, you can do with a few helpful tips to make your time here more enjoyable and less stressful. From travelling documents to the right footwear and even what accessories to have, the list of tips can help to ensure that you have a trip that you will never forget.

The Kruger National Park remains the best place to visit in South Africa and so many pieces of advice are floating around out there, that it can be difficult to pinpoint which is the best of the best. Sometimes the advice that you need comes directly from those who have been to the Kruger and done the whole safari thing.

So which of the hundreds of safari tips circulating the internet are the best? Let’s break them down for you.

  • Pack your binoculars and your camera

The Kruger is as far from a zoo as you could get. You won’t necessarily be seeing animals up close. Instead, some of the best sightings are far away in the distance, away from your safari vehicle. Having binoculars on your person will allow you to spot and watch those distant animals. And having a camera will allow you to capture the moment. We recommend investing in a quality camera. Some photographers will say that the DSLR is the better option, but whatever you are most comfortable with is what matters the most.

  • Respect the park rules, respect your guide

As a wild place, your safety depends on following all of the park rules and following whatever it is that your guide says. You can either Google the park rules or collect them at any one of the park’s gates. The rules are to be respected throughout the safari. As for your guide, they know more about the park and its inhabitants than you do. This means, for instance, that they are aware of when an elephant is unhappy and about to charge the vehicle. Whatever it is that they tell you to do could very well save your life.

  • Protect yourself from the sun

Regardless of the time of year you choose to visit the Kruger National Park, you should bring something to protect your skin. A hat is a good choice but it’s often not enough, even in the winter months. Pack a powerful SPF lotion and apply it as often as necessary.

  • Be realistic

As the Kruger is a nature reserve and not a zoo, you need to be realistic about what you can expect to see. Some say that it is better to not have a list of animals, birds or anything else that you hope to see but to rather accept sightings as they come. You’ll probably miss some animals, but you’ll also see animals that you might not have expected to see.

  • Be respectful

To the guide, to the park officials, to your fellow guests. There is no place for rudeness in Africa. As one of the friendliest countries, you will find that those you engage with have a pleasant and welcoming demeanour. Keep your manners in mind and simply enjoy your time in Africa.

The Kruger Park safari is one of the most exhilarating and unforgettable experiences you will ever have. Book your tour of the Kruger with Royal Safaris.