Why a Guided Kruger Park Tour is better than a Self-Drive

Why a Guided Kruger Park Tour is better than a Self-Drive

Why a Guided Kruger Park Tour is better than a Self-Drive

Most South African’s are lucky enough to have visited a wildlife park of some kind in their lives, whether as children or as adults.

While self-drives are the most conventional way for South Africans to go on safari, there is another way to see the wildlife and the other exciting things that South Africa’s parks have to offer.

Guided safaris with a professional safari company, takes the stress out of your time in the park, and with Royal Safaris, not only do you get to experience the ultimate safari but you can also enjoy a bush braai or breakfast out in nature.

Why the guided Kruger Park safari is the better option

  • Accidents happen and there have been numerous accidents in the Kruger National Park with tourists cars been attacked by wild animals. In 2013 an elephant overturned a car and a British lady was seriously injured.  In 2016 a car was severely smashed by stampeding buffalo and a car was attacked by a lion.  Most of these could have been avoided had these people been on tour with a safari company, as the guides know how close to get to the animals and also know which animals are safe to get close too.
  • Safari companies have professional guides that visit the park daily. These guides are not only trained in the ways of the wild animals but are also constantly in touch with other guides in the park so they know where the best sighting are during the day.   Guides also have a wealth of information about the animals and while relaxing and game viewing the guides can explain all about the animals and their behaviour.
  • Guided safari companies know where the best places are in the Kruger National Park to ensure that you see the most animals in the least amount of time. Guides also have knowledge of where some animals have their lairs.  While it is unrealistic to expect to always see the Big Five, it is safe to say that with a safari company you are likely to see more than you would on your own.   On your own, you may drive around for hours and hours and see nothing.  Guides can also give you valuable information about the veld, plants and trees and also tell stories about all their bush experiences.
  • Safari companies offer a variety of packages for you to choose from. They can take you on an early morning drive or an afternoon drive, or if you want to spend the whole day in the park, they offer that service too.  Safari vehicles are open so you get a real feel for the bush, with the breeze blowing around you and the advantage of being higher than a normal vehicle enabling you to see over the roadside bush and view deep into the wild.
  • Safari companies will also take you to camps or picnic spots where you will get to stretch your legs and grab a snack or curio from the available facilities. It is safe to say, that going with a safari company will let you enjoy a safe journey through the Kruger National Park and get back home relaxed and bush wise.
  • Finally, some companies go above and beyond simply offering the average safari. Royal Safaris offers unique bush braais, early morning champagne breakfasts and exciting dinners close to the wildlife.

To find out more about our exceptional Kruger Park safaris and unique touring packages, contact us today or browse through our website.

Choosing Your First African Safari

Choosing Your First African Safari

Choosing Your First African Safari

Africa is big! And it is filled with amazing national parks, home to all kinds of animals and plenty of plant diversity. The sheer number of places to enjoy a safari is what makes choosing the right one for you a tougher task than you’d imagine.

The thing is, it is highly unlikely that you will get to see all of Africa. You won’t be able to do it all and so you need to make sure that you’ve done your research about the different countries and their safari destinations so that you can select the destination that will provide you with the most relaxed, and thrilling, experience.

South Africa is without a doubt one of the best safari destinations in the world. And of all the safari destinations you can choose from, the Kruger National Park is going to come out on top of your list of preferred destinations.

Narrowing down all of your options and deciding on the Kruger as the destination of choice can take time and planning, as there is a lot to consider. And the considerations have more to do than just the animals you will see.

Every safari company knows that the guests they take on safari have certain hopes regarding the animals they want to see. But these safari companies also know that guests can get bored when spending numerous days on safari, so they like to plan other activities or things to see. If you are looking to experience a trip that lasts longer than a single day or morning, you will need to consider what else your destination has on offer.

Royal Safaris provides guests with a rather different approach to experiencing the Kruger National Park and its wild surrounding areas. Our wildlife tours leave from the White River area as well as from the Marloth Park area, making it easier for guests to get to get to the best wildlife viewing destinations.

Important questions to ask when choosing your safari

  • How do you feel about being on the road? Some safari destinations will have you driving for hours on end, and not always on the best of roads. Not everyone is keen on driving around, instead, they want to get to the destination and relax, before heading back. Many Kruger and Marloth safaris offer transfers, along with guided safaris.
  • Do you want to combine your safari with another destination? Many African safari destinations offer only the wildlife experience, whereas South Africa is also a top destination for those wanting to sit on the beach. When visiting South Africa, you can be on a Kruger safari on one day and exploring a beach on the next.
  • Would you like to be closer to urban areas? South Africa has a number of bustling urban landscapes, with major cities close to the safari destinations. This helps to ensure that you are never too far from all of the conveniences of modern living so should you find yourself in need of something from the shops, you can always get to a place that has what you need.

The Royal Safaris Experience

Royal Safaris, located close to the Kruger National Park, is the only safari operator allowed to take guests into the Kruger for evening safaris. But we also have a number of other fantastic tour packages for you to choose from.

Our bush braais, champagne breakfasts and sundowner drives are just as exciting as our full day tours in the Kruger as well as our Panorama Tours. Each safari experience is affordable and each trip is sure to provide an unforgettable adventure.

Book one of our Kruger safari packages today, and explore the wilder side of Africa.

5 Best Ways To See The Kruger

5 Best Ways To See The Kruger

5 Best Ways To See The Kruger

The Kruger National Park is one of the world’s best loved nature reserves. Home to all kinds of African animals, birds and reptiles, the best way to explore this land is by embarking on a Kruger National Park safari. For some guests, enjoying breakfast or lunch in the park is enough while others prefer to have the best of both worlds, by heading out early in the morning for breakfast in the park, before indulging in a full day safari.

Safaris can be enjoyed in one of five ways. And each guest has their own favourite way to travel.

  • The Self-Drive Safari

A Kruger Park self-drive is a great way to see the park. The advantages of such a trip include driving along those roads you want to explore, rather than only travelling where the safari company takes you. You could say that the self-drive safari gives you more independence. Whether you are visiting from overseas and hiring a car to take you into the park, or if you are a local driving yourself through the Kruger, you’ll be itinerary free and have all the time to explore. Depending on how much time you’ll be spending in the Kruger, you may well end up travelling the entire park, stopping off at all of the monuments and lookout points as you go.

The biggest downside of the self-drive experience is that you can get rather tired quite quickly. You will spend most of the day driving yourself around and as a result, you might not get to spend all that time sightseeing. You still have to pay attention to the road after all.

  • Open Vehicle Safari

All those open vehicles you see in the pictures?  They are actually the norm here in Africa. These open safari vehicles provide the right height to see over the vegetation which grows thickly here in the Kruger, while it also allows you to really take in all of those memorable smells. One of the best parts about hopping on board an open safari vehicle is that you won’t be doing any of the driving. Instead, you can kick back and relax. Safari vehicles are driven by expert guides who also have a keen eye for spotting even the most elusive of wildlife. This is the plus of any guided safari. You can be sure to see all kinds of animals by the time your time in the park comes to an end.

  • The Closed Safari Vehicle

If you don’t want the wind in your hair, or if we really can’t convince you that a cheetah won’t pounce on you, then you might want to consider the closed safari vehicle option. You’ll still have that once in a lifetime safari experience, but you’ll have it in the comfort of air conditioning.  The visibility from these vehicles might not always be what you expect, and you might have to go on a shared safari, but you’ll still have a most memorable time.

  • Shared Kruger Park Safari

Ideal for anyone on a budget or who has no problem sharing their time with a group of strangers, there is something comforting and exciting about sharing a Kruger Park safari. Sometimes the best experience is that which is shared with a group of people who are all looking to get the same thing out of their time here. Lifelong friendships can be forged when on a shared tour of the Kruger National Park.

  • A Private Kruger Park Safari

Finally, the last great way to see the Kruger is to embark on a private Kruger Park safari. Ideal for family groups or friends looking for a unique holiday, the private tour is the perfect trip. You won’t have to do any of the driving. Instead, you will be able to enjoy the same journey as those who you share it with.

Royal Safaris has some of the most wonderful Kruger Park safaris available to guests visiting from all of the world. Book your tour with us today!