Afternoon Open Safari Vehicle Drive

Pickup Time

Location: Kruger National park

5 Min Pax


Duration: ± 5 hours

Tour Description

As the Sun warms the African bush throughout the morning and mid-day the animals seek shelter in the shade from the blistering sun and become inactive. As the afternoon approaches watering holes and dams will be the most popular site to visit and see animals. As the temperatures begin to cool in the late afternoon animals will start to move towards the water to hydrate.

With the sun setting over the African bush, the sun sets appear redder and redder as it gets closer to the horizon. This makes the perfect opportunity to enjoy a magnificent red sky African Sunset. This presents photographers with the most beautiful photos to be taken.

You will be accompanied by a highly qualified and well-experienced guide who will be able to educate and give you an insight on a variety of topics while searching for the famous “Big 5”! Our guides will do their best to make your Kruger National Park experience a memory that will not be forgotten.

All of our safaris can be tailored to the client’s requirements.


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