What You Need To Know Before Booking Your First Safari

When you find yourself visiting the North Eastern nook of South Africa, it is hard to not go on a safari. After all, the safari is exactly the reason why so many people come to our visually exquisite country every year.

The Kruger National Park is without a doubt South Africa’s star attraction. Home to hundreds, if not thousands, of species of birds, animals, insects and reptiles, the Kruger is a conservation oasis. Here, animals live out their lives in relative peace, away from man and in habitats that their species has survived in for generations.

Planning your trip to the Kruger National Park can mean finding a tour operator to take you on a magical safari, while also organising memorable adventures and quality downtime.

Whether it is a bush braai close to the Kruger, as the sun goes down, or an unforgettable evening drive through the park, catching sight of those elusive nocturnal creatures, Royal Safaris is the best operator you could tour with. We try to ensure that our guests experience the most relaxed and memorable times in the Kruger.

But planning your tour means you have to think carefully about what it is you want to do with your time in this wild part of the world. So, we’re going to give you a few helpful tips to keep close in mind when you are booking your safari.

  • Some things need to be done offline

The internet allows you to do most of your safari planning, from booking accommodation and tours to making sure you have the right flights leaving at the right time. Make sure that you do your planning and booking well before your holiday. You might come across some amazing tour operator’s website, only to find that it’s just a marketing site and you need to give them a phone call or drop them an email to make your booking. Small tour operators and access to more rural attractions can’t always be done on the internet.

  • Know the type of reserve you are visiting

South Africa has a number of public and private nature reserves, and there are many private reserves around the Kruger. You can expect to pay out more if you book into a private reserve and then there is the fact that you won’t be having a more rural, laid back experience. And there is nothing wrong with that. It all depends on what you expect from your time in Africa.

Private parks tend to be smaller and they will require prior booking. There is also the possibility that they won’t admit day visitors.

  • Your days are best started early

Regardless of where you choose to experience your South African safari, you will need to make sure that you head out early in the mornings if you hope to catch sight of animals. Most safari companies take guests into parks before the heat becomes overwhelming. The best time of the day to see animals is in the early morning and late afternoon.

  • Pack Accordingly

It never truly gets too cold in those parts of the country where you will have a safari. Mornings and evenings can get quite cool, but the days stay hot. Don’t over pack when you go on safari!

Book your unforgettable trip to South Africa and join Royal Safaris for a tour of the Kruger National Park. Check out our tour packages for more information.